comme  Stéphanie...    


                                 - SIMPLEMENT SOPHISTIQUÉE 

                propose à chaque saison une nouvelle collection 

          d'exclusivités justement sélectionnées aux quatre coins du monde                ou au bout de la rue, avec élégance, amour et justesse.

My last 'coup de coeur' is called juste S.

I love my job as a cool hunter and causing me real joy.

Nothing to do with  the ordinary rosaries, all the same, soul less.


juste S is another story.


I did not find peace until I could not wear my colliers en cuivre.


Stéphanie Lacarrere  launched her first collection juste S, which is  what he loves to wear, what you do not see on the other, and unique items from beloved India, from Goa specifically, proposes mala,  mini earrings with a special touch, put here and there, that detail was not there, that unexpected detail is amazing and that makes each piece unique and special.

    - Simplement Sophistiqué, justement Sélectionné -

Simply Sophisticated, what I immediately noticed when I saw for the first time his creations.


juste S manages to revisit the concept of the rosary, and does it with a material that does not thrill me before,  the copper, now I'm completely fascinated and rapt, thanks to a special treatment that does not alter the status and color, keep it pink and shiny, the copper skin gives the benefit, that little poetic accent Stéphanie.

 "Juste sur la peau the cuivre fait du bien."

  juste Sjust in love ♡